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Lives of the Saints

Angels and Men Agree

The birth of Jesus Christ fundamentally changed the relationship between mankind and the angels.

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Extracts from Fiction

Robinson Crusoe Goes to Sea

Hours after running away to sea, Robinson Crusoe was sorry he ever left home.

International Relations

Pot and Kettle

Richard Cobden wondered how the architects of the British Empire had the nerve to accuse Russia of imperialism.

French History

Émilie’s Plan

The night before the Comte de Lavalette was to be executed, his wife Émilie came to visit him with a proposal that left him speechless.

Music and Musicians

Dancing in the Dock

The fandango is Spain’s most alluring national dance, and the story goes that even the most solemn clergyman could not resist it.

Character and Conduct

The Great Brassey Keeps his Word

Once railway engineer Thomas Brassey made a promise he kept it — even if he wasn’t aware that he’d made one.

Free Speech and Conscience

Who Can Refute a Sneer?

Clever people have realised that it is easier to get people on your side by mockery than by persuasion.