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# International Relations

Roofs of Quanhua Temple, Taiwan. © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas. CC BY-SA 3.0.


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Britain has always demanded respect, open seas, and to be left in peace to ‘work out our own salvation’ — a courtesy we should extend to others.


International Relations

The Jealousy of Trade

David Hume encourages politicians to put away their distrust of other countries, and allow free trade to flourish.

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International Relations

A Credit to His Country

The diplomat’s task is to see the best in other peoples, not to scold them for their failings.

International Relations

Brigands and Imbeciles

John Bright dismissed fears that digging a tunnel under the English Channel would encourage a French invasion.

International Relations

Pot and Kettle

Richard Cobden wondered how the architects of the British Empire had the nerve to accuse Russia of imperialism.

History of China

A People Deserving of Respect

Richard Cobden deplored the way that politicians in Britain justified their wars abroad by portraying other countries as barbarous and backward.

Richard Cobden

Bullies to the Weak, Cowards to the Strong

Richard Cobden wanted to know why British policy towards China was so different to our policy towards the USA and European powers.

British National Character

Unsuitable for Export

Our peculiar brand of democracy and liberty is a noble thing, but we should be wary of recommending it to other countries.