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# Character and Conduct

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# Character and Conduct

Sir Edmund Hillary statue, Mount Cook, NZ. © Jonathan Keelty, CC BY-SA 2.0.


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Stories illustrating noble deeds in matters both great and small, such as the noble gesture of Sir Philip Sidney, and the determination of Benjamin Disraeli.


The British Constitution

A Dereliction of Duty

Edmund Burke tore into the directors of the East India Company, accusing them of doing less for the country than India’s mediaeval conquerors.

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Character and Conduct

The Great Brassey Keeps his Word

Once railway engineer Thomas Brassey made a promise he kept it — even if he wasn’t aware that he’d made one.

Character and Conduct

Not Worth a Shilling

Jack Curran’s career as a defender of victims of political prejudice got off to a stuttering start.

Character and Conduct

An Unpopular Popular Reform

Statesmen promise to make the country a better place, but they never mention the one thing that would do some good.

Character and Conduct

Inordinate Saving

Samuel Smiles warned that taking care of the pennies should not come before taking care of living.

A. G. Gardiner

Little Rays of Sunshine

‘Alpha of the Plough’ wished that he had been born with the gift of a winning smile.

French History

Politics and the Pulpit

Edmund Burke begged the clergy of England to give us all a break from the twenty-four-hour news cycle.