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Shafts of light in the Stavropoleos monastery, Romania.

About this picture …

A shaft of sunlight penetrates the cool darkness of the Stavropoleos Monastery in Bucharest, Romania.

Verbs of Light

Use each word below in a sentence, in such a way as to make its meaning clear and distinguish it from the other words in the list. Some topics have been suggested underneath, though ‘eyes’ will work in almost every case.

1. Dazzle. 2. Flame. 3. Flare. 4. Flash. 5. Flicker. 6. Gleam. 7. Glint. 8. Glisten. 9. Glitter. 10. Glow. 11. Shimmer. 12. Shine. 13. Spark. 14. Sparkle. 15. Twinkle.

Candle. Dress. Electricals. Eyes. Headlights. Ice. Metals. Polished surface. Sun, moon or stars. Water droplets. Water surface.

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