Think and Speak
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Fill an empty grid with words, across and down, using the clues provided to help you.

Worksheet No. 14

Double the length of some sentences, tell the story of the crow and the pitcher, and explain what we learn about Jack from labels such as pushover and upstart.

Worksheet No. 13

Complete some sentences with promising starts, paraphrase some well-known sayings, and tell the tale of the Wolf and Fox who went to court.

Worksheet No. 12

Identify place names from the Domesday Book, separate subject from predicate, and tell the tale of the Ugly Duckling.

Worksheet No. 11

Find words ending in a silent ‘b’, turn actives into passives, and learn how to get the best service at the meat counter.

Worksheet No. 10

Tell the tale of the day-dreaming milkmaid, identify some characteristic noises and play with a few participles.