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View over the Derbyshire dales. For the village, see 38 across.

Crossword No. 1

Each of our crosswords is a traditional English quick crossword. For the most part, the clues are concerned with everyday vocabulary, but there is a sprinkling of history, literature, and geography.

1. Click on any white space to highlight a solution in the grid. The matching clue will appear below the grid. 2. Alternatively, choose a clue from the list, and click on it to highlight the solution in the grid. 3. To change direction (e.g. across to down), just click again on the same square. 4. Please use the keyboard provided, to avoid problems on mobile devices.

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*t*a*cadge*g* whole*n*uncle *aim*unfit*o* enlarge*nerve *k*nil*series b*tapioca*n*s eric*e*a*asia a*p*isolate*y resent*lit*v* dryad*forever *u*getup*mix* apple*e*speed *t*edale*t*d*

Scrounge e.g. a lift in a car. (5)

Entire. (5)

He’s married to your aunt. (5)

Goal. (3)

In poor bodily condition. (5)

Make bigger. (7)

Courage; cheek. (5)

No score. (3)

Sequence. (6)

Pudding starch made from cassava. (7)

____ Bloodaxe (?-954), last Viking king of York. (4)

Continent. (4)

Cut off from the rest. (7)

Begrudge. (6)

Illuminated. (3)

Greek nymph of the woods. (5)

Everlastingly. (7)

Rise. (3,2)

Combination. (3)

Fruit. (5)

Rate at which something moves. (5)

Derbyshire village, start of the Pennine Way. (5)

Express gratitude. (5)

Yearly handbook of dates, facts and statistics. (7)

_____ Brontë, author of Agnes Grey. (4)

Old coin, worth a pound and a shilling. (5)

Go in. (5)

Clothing for the hand. (5)

E.g. olive, sunflower. (3)

The least beautiful. (7)

Tear. (3)

Wash with pure water. (5)

Student’s writing task. (5)

Edible mollusc with two fan-like shells, found in British waters. (7)

Facial hair. (5)

Merry on alcohol. (5)

Try. (7)

Really. (6)

______ on a G string, popular composition by JS Bach. (3)

Burst out. (5)

Bird of prey. (5)

Frustrated and annoyed. (5)

E.g. coal, petrol. (4)

Contend. (3)

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