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The steep incline of Saltburn lift near Middlesbrough, from the pier. See 6 down and 13 down.

Crossword No. 3

Each of our crosswords is a traditional English quick crossword. For the most part, the clues are concerned with everyday vocabulary, but there is a sprinkling of history, literature, and geography.

1. Click on any white space to highlight a solution in the grid. The matching clue will appear below the grid. 2. Alternatively, choose a clue from the list, and click on it to highlight the solution in the grid. 3. To change direction (e.g. across to down), just click again on the same square. 4. Please use the keyboard provided, to avoid problems on mobile devices.

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income**s*i*j m**r*pittance p*side**a*f*t adhere*attest i*any*r*early rapt*holly*o* *p**cagey**p* *p*gamut*step eliot*e*fur*u gyrate*robert y*a*e**oboe*t paternal*r**e t*e*y**linger

Money received in salary or wages. (6)

Very small 1 across. (8)

Flank. (4)

Stick. (6)

Bear witness. (6)

One or more of a group, no matter which. (3)

This bird catches the worm, says the proverb. (5)

Enthralled. (4)

The _____ and the Ivy, traditional Christmas carol dictated to Cecil Sharp by Mary Clayton of Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, in 1909. (5)

Reticent. (5)

The whole scale. (5)

Pace. (4)

George _____, pen-name of Mary Ann Evans, author of Silas Marner and other novels. (5)

Hair of e.g. cat, rabbit. (3)

Spin round. (6)

______ the Bruce, King of Scots 1306-1329. (6)

Orchestral instrument in the woodwind section. (4)

On the father’s side. (8)

Hang around. (6)

Diminish in effectiveness. (6)

Far East. (6)

Fencing blade. (4)

Grandly impressive. (7)

Deduce. (5)

Pier. (5)

___ Stones, Bronze Age avenue of standing stones in Cumbria. (4)

The Valley of ___ Bones, vision seen by the prophet Ezekiel in Ezekiel 37:1-14. (3)

River at Dundee, scene of a railway disaster in 1879 when a bridge collapsed. (3)

Incline. (5)

Villain. (5)

Submit a formal request e.g. for a job. (5)

___ House, National Trust house in Richmond, London. (3)

Allow. (3)

Feline boarding house. (7)

State in western India, formerly a Portuguese colony. (3)

Bribe to commit a crime. (6)

Sir Herbert Beerbohm ____ (1852-1917), influential English actor-manager. (4)

Golf club for the greens. (6)

North African country. (5)

Angry. (5)

Strap or ribbon on a keyring. (3)

Move along by turning over and over. (4)

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