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The view towards the harbour in Dinbych-y-Pysgod. For the English name, see 14 down.

Crossword No. 2

Each of our crosswords is a traditional English quick crossword. For the most part, the clues are concerned with everyday vocabulary, but there is a sprinkling of history, literature, and geography.

1. Click on any white space to highlight a solution in the grid. The matching clue will appear below the grid. 2. Alternatively, choose a clue from the list, and click on it to highlight the solution in the grid. 3. To change direction (e.g. across to down), just click again on the same square. 4. Please use the keyboard provided, to avoid problems on mobile devices.

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sauce*t*edges *g*algebra*l* shelf*p*orbit *a*l*kiosk*x* astound*i*sip stew*o*poetry s*n*ocean*r*l embark*l*judo toy*a*albumen *r*study*m*b* macao*a*opera *l*grapple*i* delay*t*dress

Condiment. (5)

Borders. (5)

Maths with letters. (7)

Part of a bookcase. (5)

Looping path around a star or planet. (5)

Booth. (5)

Amaze. (7)

Drink a small amount of liquid. (3)

Meat and vegetables cooked slowly in a closed pan. (4)

Verse. (6)

E.g. Arctic, Indian, Pacific. (5)

Get on board. (6)

Martial art. (4)

Plaything. (3)

White of egg. (7)

A _____ in Scarlet, the first Sherlock Holmes story. (5)

Former Portuguese colony opposite Hong Kong. (5)

E.g. The Magic Flute, Madama Butterfly or Samson. (5)

“To the last I _______ with thee.” (Captain Ahab in Moby Dick.) (7)

Postpone; hold up. (5)

Clothing. (5)

Appalled. (5)

Naive and inexperienced. (6)

Santa’s little helper. (3)

Just barely warm. (5)

Wearing away. (7)

Not light. (4)

Magical potion. (6)

Rap. (5)

Useful or valuable possession. (6)

Seaside town in Pembrokeshire, Wales. (6)

Sweep across the strings of a guitar. (5)

Tall mast for e.g. high-voltage electricity cables. (5)


Grandiloquence. (7)

Esprit de corps. (7)

Pullover. (6)

Flotsam and jetsam. (5)

Change to meet the circumstances. (5)

Long, involved tale. (4)

Aged. (3)

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