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A Californian scrub jay.

Add Vowels

Make words by adding vowels to each group of consonants below. You may add as many vowels as you like before, between or after the consonants, but you may not add any consonants or change the order of those you have been given. See if you can beat our target of common words.

Note: Sometimes the list of words you can make includes words that are not for polite society. It’s up to you to decide what to do with them!

Use the box provided to keep a record of your words. Type Enter after each word to check it against our dictionary. Each group of consonants is followed by the number of common words we made, with the number of less common words in brackets.

plt 8 (2)

Suggested Words

Palate Pelt Pilot Plait Plate Pleat Plot Polite Epaulet Plateau

ndr 4 (2)

Suggested Words

Endear Endure Indoor Under Nadir Needier

mss 10 (2)

Suggested Words

Amass Amiss Amuses Mass Mess Miss Misuse Moss Mousse Muses Mesas Muss

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