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An icon of the Archangel Gabriel, painted onto a rock at the Osogovo monastery in the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia.

A Prayer to My Guardian Angel

According to Christian tradition, God appoints one of his ministers of fire, one of his angels of light, to watch over each human child born into the world throughout his life on earth and forever. This prayer from the Greek tradition is addressed to a guardian angel.

A Prayer to My Guardian Angel.

O HOLY ANGEL, appointed to my feeble soul and wretched life, do not abandon me, a sinner, nor stand far off from me for my incontinency; give no room unto the evil demon to lord it over me by the oppression of this mortal body; take this my hand, feeble and forsaken, and lead me in the path of salvation. Yea, holy angel of God, guardian and protector of my feeble body and soul, forgive me everything wherewith I have troubled thee all the days of my life, and if I have sinned this day; shield me this night, and guard me from every assault of the enemy that I might not provoke God to anger by any sin.* And be an ambassador with the Lord in my behalf, that he might strengthen me in fear of him and make me his servant worthy of his goodness. Amen.

Translated from the Greek.

* See e.g. Psalms 2:12. God’s anger is, however, also said to be short-lived, and intended to correct and draw us closer to him as children to our father, not to punish or drive us away. See 2 Maccabees 7:33, Psalm 103:8-14, Deuteronomy 8:5, Proverbs 13:24 and Hebrews 12:6-7.