The Authorised Version

# The Old Testament

# The Old Testament

The Hospitality of Abraham (Visit of the Three Angels). Benaki Museum. Public domain image.
The Authorised Version
The Old Testament 39 books

A list of the books of the Old Testament, from Genesis to Malachi. Beginning with Adam, they trace the series of covenants made and renewed between God and his chosen, including Noah, Abraham, Jacob (Israel), Moses and David.


The First Book of Moses, called Genesis

The Creation, the Great Flood, the covenant with Abraham, the stories of Isaac and Jacob, and how Joseph brought Israel and his sons to Egypt to save them from famine.


The Second Book of Moses, called Exodus

How Moses led Israel out of slavery in Egypt, and brought them through forty years in the wilderness to the borders of the Promised Land.


The Third Book of Moses, called Leviticus

Laws given to Israel through Moses, with particular reference to the priestly tribe of Levi.


The Fourth Book of Moses, called Numbers

Further tales from the escape from Egypt and the conquest of Canaan, including the story of Balaam.


The Fifth Book of Moses, called Deuteronomy

How Israel was given more laws, and how Moses left them with a choice between blessing and curse. to govern her ways in the Promised Land


The Book of Joshua

How Joshua led Israel into the Promised Land, and how he conquered Jericho and the other cities and tribes of Canaan.


The Book of Judges

Tales of the days before the Kings, when Israel was ruled by prophets and mighty warriors including Deborah, Gideon and Samson.


The Book of Ruth

A love story about Ruth, who found a home with the people of Israel.


The First Book of Samuel Otherwise Called The First Book of the Kings

How the Israelites clamoured to have a king ‘like all the nations’, and how Saul became their first King, but went mad, and how the crown passed to David.


The Second Book of Samuel Otherwise Called The Second Book of the Kings

How David ruled Israel, and made her great, but his reign was marred by rebellions, including that of his own son Absolom.


The First Book of the Kings, Commonly Called the Third Book of the Kings

How David died, and his crown passed to his son Solomon, and how Solomon built the Temple at Jerusalem, but afterwards his kingdom was divided; and how Elijah prophesied in the time of King Ahab.


The Second Book of the Kings, Commonly Called the Fourth Book of the Kings

How the Kings of Judah and Israel ruled wickedly, and Elijah and Elisha foretold their wickedness would be punished; and how the Northern kingdom was overthrown by Assyria, and Judah by Babylon.


The First Book of the Chronicles

The tales of the conquest of Canaan, and the struggle of Saul and David, are told again.


The Second Book of the Chronicles

The tale of Solomon and his Temple is retold, and also how the Northern kingdom fell to Assyria and Judah fell to Babylon owing to the wickedness of their kings.



How Cyrus the King of Persia overcame the Babylonians, and allowed the captive Israelites to return home and rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem.


The Book of Nehemiah

How Nehemiah laboured in Jerusalem to rebuild the city and the Temple after the exiles returned from Babylon.


The Book of Esther

How Esther was chosen to be Queen to the King of Persia, and how she saved the Jews from the evil designs of Haman.


The Book of Job

How Job was tested by God, and was tormented by the foolish counsel of three friends; and how he spoke bitterly, and God rebuked him out of a whirlwind, but restored him to prosperity.


The Book of Psalms

A hundred and fifty songs of repentance, joy and praise, many of them attributed to King David, which were sung in the Temple at Jerusalem.


The Proverbs

A collection of wise sayings credited to King Solomon, drawn from all over the ancient Near East.


Ecclesiastes or, the Preacher

A reflection on the vanity of human ambition and pride, attributed to King Solomon.


The Song of Solomon

An erotic song of a man who his lover, attributed to King Solomon.


The Book of the Prophet Isaiah

The words of the prophet Isaiah, warning Israel’s kings of the consequences of idolatry; and yet, a virgin would conceive a son, who would sit on David’s throne, a Servant who would comfort and restore his people.


The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah

The words of the prophet Jeremiah, who urged the kings of Israel and Judah to repentance and foretold the sack of Jerusalem, and who promised a New Covenant that God would write upon the hearts of men.


The Lamentations of Jeremiah

The words of Jeremiah the prophet, as he grieved over the fall of Jerusalem in the early sixth century BC.


The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel

The words of the prophet Ezekiel, who condemned the idolatry of Israel’s kings, but foretold the glorious rebuilding of the Temple, and foresaw Israel restored like dry bones brought back to life.


The Book of Daniel

The many tales of Daniel, who prophesied in Babylon during the captivity, interpreting the king’s dreams, and who by trust in God survived a night in a lion’s den.



The words of the prophet Hosea, who foretold the destruction of the Northern kingdom on account of idolatry, but also her restoration.



The words of the prophet Joel, who foretold that a day would come when God would pour out his Spirit upon those who call upon his name.



The words of the prophet Amos, who pronounced God’s judgment against Israel for idolatry and injustice, but also promised that God would restore her to prosperity.



The words of the prophet Obadiah, who denounced Edom for failing to aid Judah when the Babylonians sacked Jerusalem, and who promised that the Israelites would be restored despite the Edomites.



The story of a reluctant prophet, who spent three days in the belly of whale before coming back to the lands of men.



The words of the prophet Micah, who denounced the injustice and idolatry of Israel’s kings, and foretold a time when a king would be born in Bethlehem, and the gentiles would come to Jerusalem.



The words of the prophet Nahum, who foretold the destruction of Nineveh.



The words of the prophet Habakkuk, who foretold the rise of the Babylonian Empire against Judah, but also that God would cast her down for going too far, and for attributing her power to false gods.



The words of the prophet Zephaniah, who foretold disaster and destruction among the neighbours of Israel, and promised the restoration of Jerusalem.



The words of the prophet Haggai, who rebuked Israel for failing to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem after the end of the Babylonian captivity.



The words of the prophet Zechariah, who foresaw the return of Israel’s king to Jerusalem, riding upon a donkey.



The words of the prophet Malachi, who foretold the return of Elijah before the rising of Sun of Righteousness with healing in his wings.