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The eyes of a cat called Joyeux.

About this picture …

A cat named Joyeux watches his prey.

Verbs of Seeing

Use each word below in a sentence, in such a way as to make its meaning clear and distinguish it from the other words in the list. Some topics have been suggested underneath.

1. Catch sight of. 2. Discern. 3. Examine. 4. Eye. 5. Gaze. 6. Glance. 7. Glare. 8. Glimpse. 9. Drink in. 10. Inspect. 11. Look. 12. Notice. 13. Observe. 14. Peek. 15. Peer. 16. Peep. 17. Perceive. 18. Recognise. 19. Scan. 20. Sight. 21. Spot. 22. Spy. 23. Stare. 24. Study. 25. View. 26. Watch.

In the countryside. Reading. Over the hedge. Through the curtains. Despite the weather. At the match. Two determined men. Guard duty. Lost and found. The forensic lab. The solicitor’s office.