International Relations

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Extracts from Literature

New Purpose

Two British spies look out over war-torn Belgrade, and find the inspiration they need to go on with their dangerous mission.

Free Trade and Markets

A Growing Reputation

Herbert Bury distinguished two kinds of overseas investment, and only one was worthy of Englishmen.

Free Trade and Markets

‘Not to Exploit, Sir, but to Help’

Herbert Bury believed that it was the British way to profit with another country, not to profit from it.

Indian History

The Righting of Wrongs

John Bright MP urged a critic of the British Raj to offer India more than fine words.

Indian History

The Quiet Revolutionary

As Viceroy of India, Lord Ripon was rather more popular with the people of India than he was with some of his own civil servants.

International Relations

Misreading Russia

Richard Cobden asked Parliament to make a better effort to understand the Russian mindset.