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# Liberty and Prosperity

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# Liberty and Prosperity

Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees. © lvm15, CC BY-SA 2.0.


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Stories from Britain and elsewhere confirming the social and economic benefits of keeping Governments and their cronies out of the trade and business of ordinary people.


Liberty and Prosperity

Violet van der Elst

An eccentric, self-made businesswoman, who ‘made three fortunes and spent five’ in the campaign against the death penalty.

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Free Trade and Markets

Excess Postage

Rowland Hill calculated that a lower, flatter rate of postage would not only make the public better off and better read, but increase the Revenue.

Free Speech and Conscience

Question More

Ordinary people put too much faith in the judgment of experts, which is bad for us and bad for the experts.

Liberty and Prosperity

The Rochdale Pioneers

In 1843, a group of working men gathered in Rochdale to discuss how to ease the cost of living for their families, and the Co-op was born.

Free Trade and Markets

A Conflict of Interest

Economist Adam Smith warned that when Western commercial interests get involved in policy-making abroad, war and want are sure to follow.

British National Character

Unsuitable for Export

Our peculiar brand of democracy and liberty is a noble thing, but we should be wary of recommending it to other countries.

Poets and Poetry


Three years before the Great War, Rudyard Kipling recalled how one English king simply paid his bullying neighbours to stay at home.