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The great British public leaves a German tourist speechless during a county match at the Oval in London.

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Indian History

The Indian Mutiny

The Indian Mutiny began with a revolt among disgruntled soldiers, and ended with the making of the British Raj.

Indian History

The Causes of the Indian Mutiny

Incompetence, arrogance and some mischievous propaganda all conspired to throw India into chaos.

Indian History

Seeds of Empire

The British Empire may be said to have started when Elizabethan importers got into a fight with the Dutch over the price of pepper.

Indian History

Sing Us a Song of Zion

The Sultan of Aceh in northern Sumatra welcomed his guests from Christian England with an unexpected gesture of friendship.

Indian History

Diamond Pitt

Thomas Pitt’s tenure as Governor of Madras was regarded as a golden age, but what he is remembered for is his diamond.

Indian History

The Moth Versus the Fire

After its prime minister signed the Maratha Confederacy over to the East India Company, the member states rose up in a body.