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# Animal Stories

A street cat in Madrid. © Luis García. CC BY-SA 3.0.


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Fables and true tales about animals, including a dog who regularly commuted to Matlock, a horse who didn’t approve of bad language, and a cat who saved her owners from an earthquake.


Cat Stories

Pangur Bán

A 9th century Irish monk scribbled some verses about a beloved cat into his copy book.

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Extracts from Poetry

Mary’s Lamb

A much-loved children’s poem, even if most of us struggle to remember more than a few lines.

Animal Stories

Good Morning, Mr Horse

A young Nathaniel Hawthorne recalls a confidential conversation with a tired old horse.

Indian Myths

The Raven and the Snake

A harassed mother Raven vows bloody revenge on a venomous Snake, but the wily old Jackal has a better idea.

Indian Myths

The Heron and the Crab

An ageing Heron finds himself a little too stiff to fish for himself, so he thinks of a way to get the fish to do it for him.


The Lion’s Share

Following a succesful hunting partnership, the Lion explains how the spoils are to be divided.

Indian Myths

The Goat and the Lion

A herd of goats is threatened by a pride of lions, and it falls to one brave billy to face the danger alone.