Photo by the Royal Navy, via Wikimedia Commons. Licence: Public domain. Source

Two cats in a gun barrel aboard HMS Hawkins.

About this picture …

No mouse in that mouth... whatever was in that gun’s gone. Two cats catch nothing nosing about in the barrel of a 7.5 inch gun aboard HMS Hawkins, shortly after the Great War.

Pronunciation Pairs

Read out aloud each pair of words below, making the difference in pronunciation clear but not over-exaggerated. Can you think of more pairs of words that differ in the same way?

Note: A small number of these pairs are not strictly minimal pairs. Accent may affect the pairs.

Group A

1. Loth. Loathe.

2. Whizz. With.

3. Teeth. Teethe.

4. Base. Bathe.

5. Thin. Within.

More words

Also, Although. Nicer, Neither.

Group B

1. Bays. Beige.

2. Coalition. Collision.

3. Easier. Amnesia.

4. Castle. Casual.

5. College. Collage.

More words

Nation, Equation. Message, Massage.

Group C

1. Led. Ledge.

2. Bud. Buzz.

3. Bud. Budge.

4. Bead. Bees.

More words

Head, Hedge. Road, Rose.

To get another set of words, simply refresh this page.