By Ivan Kulikov (1875–1941), via Wikimedia Commons. Licence: Public domain. Source

Evgeny Chirikov (1864-1932) at his desk in 1904.

About this picture …

A portrait of Russian writer Evgeny Chirikov (1864-1932) at his desk in 1904, painted by Ivan Kulikov (1875–1941). At this time, Chirikov was rather inclined to sympathise with the revolutionary sentiments growing in the Russian Empire, and his stories dwell on social unrest and the Government’s bewilderment. As time went on, however, his feelings began to change. The revolution of 1917 left him disillusioned with the socialist movement and he left his native land, settling in Prague.

Jigsaw Sentences

Join each group of ideas together to make a single sentence. You may add, change or remove any words you like; see if you can include one or more of the words suggested beneath each group.

You may introduce direct speech, personal names or descriptive detail as you see fit. Try to find at least two different solutions for each group.

1. Your desk is untidy. I know your character.

Chaos. Tell. Who.

2. He collects coins. He thinks of nothing else.

Absorb. Hobby. Mind.

3. They searched the house. They could not find the letter.

Comb. Nowhere. Room.

4. He is rich. He is not generous.

Penny. Plenty. Share.

5. The statesman made fine promises. He does nothing to make them come true.

Do. Fail. Manifesto.

6. The wind was fierce. The steeplejack could not work.

Account. Climb. Owing.

7. I will write my number down. You are so forgetful.

Memory. Remember. Scatterbrain.

8. He won’t come. You haven’t invited him.

If. Else. Unless.

9. He still hasn’t proposed. I don’t understand it.

Fathom. Marry. Why.

10. He arrived late. The traffic was heavy.

Busy. Delay. Thanks.

11. He mustn’t become chairman. He will ruin the business.

Disaster. If. Run.

12. She accused him of theft. She knew he was innocent.

Even. Guilty. Steal.

13. I’ll be back at five o’clock. Have your report ready.

By. Time. Until.

14. He says it was his fault. That is brave.

Acknowledge. Blame. Courage.

15. The fire was warm. He fell asleep. He did not hear the doorbell.

Deep. Wake. Warmth.

16. He crept along. The sentry heard him. He was captured.

Despite. Prisoner. Quiet.

17. He loved her. He could not say so. He hoped she knew.

Although. Tell. Unable.

18. The enemy retreated. We did not pursue them. That was a mistake.

After. Should. When.

19. We have insufficient evidence. We can’t arrest him.

Enough. Justify. Without.

20. He was playing rugby. Someone kicked his head. He has a mild concussion.

Consequence. Receive. While.

21. You met this afternoon. He gave you a message. May I hear it?

Mind. Tell. What.

22. I must see the house first. Then we’ll talk about buying it.

After. Promise. Until.

23. The General was strict. His men loved him.

Despite. Discipline. Though.

24. People like him. He has few friends.

Circle. Close. Popular.

25. She wrote it in 1798. She published it in 1803.

Back. Though. Until.

26. I went in. I did not intend to buy anything. I spent £100.

Leave. No. With.