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Liberty and Prosperity

No Dog Exchanges Bones with Another

How do we get the help of millions of people we don’t know? Only by trade.

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International Relations

A Credit to His Country

The diplomat’s task is to see the best in other peoples, not to scold them for their failings.

Richard Cobden

Statesman vs Politician

American journalist and poet WC Bryant numbered Richard Cobden MP among the world’s statesmen, not our politicians.

International Relations

A Passion for Meddling

Richard Cobden questioned both the wisdom and the motives of politicians who intervene on foreign soil.

Richard Cobden

An Aristocracy of Mere Wealth

Richard Cobden was not a little envious of the USA’s open and can-do society, but he did not covet her republicanism.

Character and Conduct

Not Worth a Shilling

Jack Curran’s career as a defender of victims of political prejudice got off to a stuttering start.

Character and Conduct

An Unpopular Popular Reform

Statesmen promise to make the country a better place, but they never mention the one thing that would do some good.