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Character and Conduct

The Central People of the World

Some wanted Britain on a path to being a thoroughly European nation, but William Monypenny wanted her at the world’s crossroads.

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British National Character

An Invasion of Privacy

Perhaps European harmonisation would make life easier, but that would be only the beginning.

British National Character

Unsuitable for Export

Our peculiar brand of democracy and liberty is a noble thing, but we should be wary of recommending it to other countries.

British National Character

The Tale of Robert Tomson

Robert Tomson was a typical Englishman and it nearly killed him, but it also made him a fortune and won him a bride.

Liberty and Prosperity

A Nation of Shopkeepers

The great French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte protested that in calling England ‘a nation of shopkeepers’ he had paid us a compliment.

Character and Conduct

Through Russian Eyes

After a visit to England in 1847, Aleksey Khomyakov published his impressions of our country and our people in a Moscow magazine.

Extracts from Literature

Exit Lord Pudding

Piqued by the way French and German literati mocked the English, Charles Dickens urged his compatriots to be the better men.