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Liberty and Prosperity

Fit and Proper Persons

No one is more dangerous than the man who thinks that it is his destiny to direct things for the common good.

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Free Trade and Markets

A Conflict of Interest

Economist Adam Smith warned that when Western commercial interests get involved in policy-making abroad, war and want are sure to follow.

Liberty and Prosperity

Private Prudence, Public Folly

Adam Smith contrasted the Government’s handling of the national economy with the way most families handled theirs.

Liberty and Prosperity

A Victim of His Success

Economist Adam Smith so changed the conversation in Britain that most people take his groundbreaking insights for granted.

Liberty and Prosperity

Disbanding Empire

Adam Smith could not imagine it would ever happen, but he nevertheless recommended that Britain grant independence to her colonies.

Indian History

An Avoidable Tragedy

Adam Smith argued that the Bengal Famine of 1769 would have been much less of a tragedy under a free trade policy.

Liberty and Prosperity

Folly and Freedom

Britain’s colonies were founded to supply her Government with gold, but instead they supplied her people with liberty.