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# Discovery and Invention

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# Discovery and Invention

Nameplate of Locomotion No. 1 (replica), Beamish Museum. © Maggie Stephens. CC BY-SA 2.0.


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Tales of scientific innovation and merchant enterprise, from steam power and life-saving medicines to new trade partners far away, and new ways to reach them.


Discovery and Invention

The Rewards of ‘Patience’

How appropriate that the comic opera ‘Patience’ should introduce the world to the results of thirty years of labour.

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International Relations

Brigands and Imbeciles

John Bright dismissed fears that digging a tunnel under the English Channel would encourage a French invasion.

Character and Conduct

The Great Brassey Keeps his Word

Once railway engineer Thomas Brassey made a promise he kept it — even if he wasn’t aware that he’d made one.

Mediaeval History

The Voyage of John Cabot

On the Feast of St John the Baptist, June 24th, 1497, Venetian navigator John Cabot claimed North America for the King of England.

Discovery and Invention

The First Steam Whistle

After an accident at a level crossing, the bosses of the Leicester and Swannington Railway acknowledged that drivers needed more than lung power.

Discovery and Invention

Private Risk, Public Benefit

For George Stephenson, the motto of the Stockton and Darlington Railway was a code to live by.

Liberty and Prosperity

Fuel of Freedom

Victorian economist Alfred Marshall argued that it was no accident that free societies and coal-powered industries are found together.