Extracts from Fiction

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Extracts from Literature

A Confiscation of Property

Arthur Huntingdon discovers that his wife is planning to leave him, and take their little boy with her.

Extracts from Literature

Brimstone and Treacle

Mrs Squeers has lost the school spoon, and is uncomfortably frank about its importance.

Extracts from Literature

Dead Man Walking

Richard Hannay was finding life in London a little slow until a self-confessed dead man walked into his rooms.

Rudyard Kipling

Kim’s Game

Kim O’Hara starts his apprenticeship as a British spy with a little competition.

Extracts from Literature

All Things ‘Nice’

Henry Tilney teases a bewildered Catherine Morland for her lazy vocabulary.

Extracts from Literature

Experience Does It

Wilkins Micawber had little to give David Copperfield at their parting, save two words of advice.