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Extracts from Literature

The Gossip in Gavrillac

The simple folk of Brittany know what it means when a nobleman calls himself godfather to an unknown infant.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

An Eye for Detail

Sherlock Holmes turns to his brother for help when the case of a missing Greek proves unexpectedly troublesome.

Extracts from Literature

A Woman of Spirit

Alice was given a choice between her carriage and lady’s maid on the one hand, and Richard Grey on the other.

Extracts from Literature

What the Signalman Saw

The guardian of a lonely signalbox recounts a truly haunting experience.

Extracts from Literature

The Missing Stair

David Balfour hopes his crusty uncle Ebenezer is beginning to soften towards him.

John Buchan


Just as Richard Hannay was steeling himself to report failure in the hunt for a German agent, a stranger’s eye caught his own.