Extracts from Fiction

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Mrs (Mary Louisa) Molesworth

The Old House

In the opening lines of The Cuckoo Clock, Mrs Molesworth paints a word-picture of a house so old that Time itself seemed to have stopped.

Extracts from Literature

A Pinch of Snuff

Marguerite, Lady Blakeney, is powerless to intervene as her husband Sir Percy walks into a trap.

Rudyard Kipling

Kipling’s Proof

If officials in the Raj ever forgot who their boss was, they would bring the whole government down about their ears.

Extracts from Literature

‘Let’s Be a Comfortable Couple’

The offices of the Cheeryble Brothers are humming with excitement over two upcoming weddings, and Tim Linkinwater finds the mood is catching.

Extracts from Fiction

Peace to Grow Up

Jaikie has just graduated from Cambridge, and Alison wants to know what he has gained from his experience.

Rudyard Kipling

Cupid’s Arrow

Kitty Beighton enters an archery contest where the prize is one very beautiful bracelet and one very ugly Commissioner.