Extracts from Fiction

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Charles Dickens

Rochester Reverie

Mr Pickwick has embarked on a tour of Kent, and this sunny morning finds him leaning over the parapet of Rochester Bridge, deep in reflection.

Extracts from Fiction

The Selfishness of Mr Willoughby

Now that Mr Willoughby has been found, and found to be married, Elinor Dashwood has the disagreeable task of making sure that her sister feels it is all for the best.

Extracts from Literature

Fricassée in France

In the opening lines of Laurence Sterne’s Sentimental Journey, the narrator explains the perverse whim that led him to leave his home shores behind.

Extracts from Fiction

Powder Keg

Overwhelmed by a London wedding, William Marston seeks safety in the company of a children’s nurse, but safety is not what he finds.

Animal Stories

Good Morning, Mr Horse

A young Nathaniel Hawthorne recalls a confidential conversation with a tired old horse.

Extracts from Literature

A Glide Into the Future

A dinner host enthralls his guests with an extraordinary scientific experiment.