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Extracts from Literature

By the Toss of a Coin

The Master and his brother Henry must decide which of them goes to fight for Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Extracts from Literature

Practice Makes Perfect

Making friends is, like playing music, not just a matter of natural talent.

Extracts from Literature

In Good Company

Anne Elliot resents being expected to court the society of anyone simply because of social status.

Extracts from Literature

With the Compliments of Mr Collins

There is an art to making one’s compliments seem artless.

Extracts from Literature

‘Nothing clears up one’s ideas like explaining them’

Muddle-headed inventor Professor Cavor needs to think aloud, and for reasons of his own Mr Bedford is anxious to listen.

Extracts from Literature

The Peculiar Customs of Lilliput

The people of Lilliput are strangely small, but their ideas are bizarre in a big way.