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Extracts from Literature

Persian Treasures

‘Be careful what you wish for’, they say, and there could be no more endearing example.

Cat Stories

Tom and Terrier

A fox terrier spies what looks like a hapless victim – until he gets up close.

Extracts from Literature

Well Out Of It

Anne Elliot is mortified to hear Frederick Wentworth’s opinion of her, but manages to find comfort in his words.

Extracts from Literature

Kindergarten Politics

John Buchan’s dashing adventurer Sandy Arbuthnot didn’t think much of foreign policy after the Great War.

Extracts from Literature

The Duel

Sir Mulberry Hawk’s coarse conduct towards Kate Nickleby has awoken a spark of decency in Lord Frederick Verisopht.

Extracts from Literature

One Last Question

English lawyer Sydney Carton goes to the guillotine in place of a French aristocrat.