Extracts from Fiction

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Extracts from Literature

A World of Differences

Emma tries to reconcile her father to the unaccountable tastes of his nearest and dearest.

Extracts from Literature

The Train of a Life

In Charles Dickens’s tale set around Mugby Junction, a man sees his life flash by like a ghostly train.

Extracts from Literature

Wild Goose Chase

Sir Walter Scott warned that schoolchildren must not expect to be entertained all the time.

Extracts from Literature

A Curious Incident

Sherlock Holmes has been engaged to find a missing thoroughbred, but seems more interested in some lame sheep and an idle dog.

Extracts from Literature

A Solemn Duty

Monsieur St Aubert falls seriously ill on a walking tour with his daughter Emily, and before the end asks an unexpected favour.

Extracts from Literature

The (Fairly) Honest Lawyer

Andre-Louis Moreau lives for vengeance on the master swordsman who killed his friend.